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Join Us for the Campiest Retreat for Women - Camp Atta Girl!
Our day camp returns to Dripping Springs, Texas! Now — more than ever — is the perfect time to take care of you and rediscover your spirit and your wonderful true self!
Tap into your happiness, power, voice, moxie, resilience, courage, and JOY! 

Camp Atta Girl! is a one-day, life-changing, focus-on-me-and-give-myself-an-atta-girl retreat for women! It’s a day filled with self-discovery, happiness, music, movement and fun! And now more than ever, it's a day that will tap into your soul and reenergize your spirit!

If the past year has you exhausted and longing to bring some happiness back into your life, this one-day retreat might be the perfect thing for you! Come rediscover your power, voice, strength, courage, resilience, laughter and most of all, YOUR JOY!!


Take time for yourself and tap into what lights you up and excites you at this adventure camp for your spirit. Give yourself an “atta girl” and join us! 

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Now is the time to put yourself at the top of your to-do list… map your next steps to joy and happiness! 

Camp Atta Girl! is an indoor retreat for women. We call it "Camp Atta Girl!" because it's campy and fun and because we believe that every women needs an "atta girl!" for all she does each and every day!

Whether you’re a mom, an exec, an educator, a healer, a woman wanting to dance to life or a combination of all of them... you'll come together with other women to explore and discover the keys to living happier, standing in your light, following your dreams and doing what you’re being called to do.

  • Reignite the passion and the joy inside

  • Discover proven and researched tools to create your best self

  • Learn three questions that when answered will help lead you to your heart's desire and your life’s purpose

  • Discover your inner character strengths and how using your top ones can make you happier

  • Tackle what’s keeping you stuck in your life, in your job, in your pursuit of your dreams

  • Travel through your chakras, your energy centers, via visualization, meditation, dance and movement — tapping into your power, your voice and more

  • Experience meaningful connection with like-minded women

  • Find your wild, playful, happier self

  • Play big and stand in your light

  • Give yourself a BIG ATTA GIRL! for all you do!

  • So much more!

Wonderful Location!

Camp Atta Girl! will be held at Camp Lucy in Dripping Springs. This is where the very first Camp Atta Girl! was held. Camp Lucy is nestled on a gorgeous hill country ranch and is a wonderful retreat center. Camp Atta Girl! at Camp Lucy is a wonderful place to feed your mind, body and soul.

“This was the best thing I ever did for myself. The experience and the other ladies were amazing. Definitely a must do!”
"I spent time with this Fabulous group of women from all over the area - none of whom I'd ever met before - but several of whom I intend to stay in touch with. Camp Atta Girl was awesome!"
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“I have lost my job and husband in one week almost 3 years ago. I am on a healing journey. This camp gave me the opportunity to focus on my strengths and weaknesses as I move forward in my life.”
Something even an introvert would love!"
“One of the most rewarding and inspirational things I’ve ever done, let alone done for myself."
Inspirational, thought-provoking, time-well spent. I will be processing these gifts for a long time-will receive benefits for the rest of my life!"
What Do We Do at Camp Atta Girl!?

To give you a sense of how the retreat unfolds, the magic begins as we share tools to help you find your happiness and reignite your joy and passion as a woman. Throughout the day, we dance, laugh and play with our goals, strengths and dreams and give you some atta girls! for all you do!

  • The day will be fun and experiential

  • We'll give you tools and practices to help you thrive 

  • We'll show ways to tap into and use your inner strengths

  • You'll discover how to find your purpose 

  • You'll learn easy-to-use tools to help you meet your goals

  • You'll rediscover that kid at heart and reignite that free-spirit you have inside!

  • All of this is connected to the research and the science behind positive psychology and happiness. Think of this as a fun "Happiness 101" retreat.

We also connect the tools to music, movement and the energy centers of the Chakras, through the joyful practice of Let Your Yoga Dance. You'll tap into that free-spirited woman deep inside you through this wonderful combination of science and "woo-woo."

Some women ask: I've never done yoga, will I be able to do Let Your Yoga Dance and the movement at Camp Atta Girl!?

YES!!! Anyone can do Let Your Yoga Dance. Even if you've never done any yoga in your life! Check out more on Let Your Yoga Dance at the link below...

If you're concerned about feeling awkward with the dancing?

You're not alone. Many introverts find their way to Camp Atta Girl! and get a little wary of "putting themselves out there." If that's you, know this is a safe place that embraces every woman. If you don't want to join the music, you don't have to! This is about YOU DOING YOU! And check out this testimonial... "This is something even an introvert will love." If you're hesitating because of the music and movement, think about stepping out of your comfort zone - we guarantee it will be a day of joy for you!

Is this Retreat Outdoors?

This is an indoor camp. We call this a camp because it’s a fun, campy adventure for your soul. 

Who is the camp for?

This is for every woman. Whether you work in an office or work at home (actually every woman works all the time and everywhere, so this is silly to say), no matter what your age, no matter what your shape, no matter where you are in your stage of life, this is for you. If you're going through a transition, it will give you tools to help find your strength and courage. If you're already happy, it will give you tools to be happier and find more joy.  

What age are the women who attend?

Camp Atta Girl! is for women ages 21-101! Most women are between the ages of 40-65, but women in their 20s and 30s will love it, as well as women in their 70s and beyond!

Do campers come alone or with other women?

Both. Some will come on their own, some may come with a friend, a sister, a mom, a daughter. All are welcome and will feel at home.

Still not sure? Join our mailing list and we'll keep you updated on all things Camp Atta Girl!

Registration is $180. Registration includes:
  • Camp Atta Girl! and all the fun!

  • Expert-driven programming

  • Official Camp Atta Girl! Handbook 

  • Tools you can use long after the camp

  • Camp Atta Girl! T-Shirt and other items

  • Lunch and snacks

  • Incredible friendships

  • The opportunity to reignite your life!

  • And so much s’more!

Camp Atta Girl! is a limited attendance event. Register soon to guarantee your space!

Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel, before July 1, 2021, we will refund 100% of the registration fee. Cancellations between July 1 and July 15, 2021, we will refund 50% of the registration fee. Because this is a limited attendance program, no refunds can be issued for cancellations after July 15, 2021. However, you may “re-gift” it to another woman as long as you notify us. We are financially responsible for the retreat, so we ask you kindly to respect that we cannot make any exceptions to this policy.

Our guarantee: While there are no refunds after July 15, 2021, if you attend Camp Atta Girl! and find you do not get the joy, happiness and tools for leading a happier life, we will refund your money minus the hard costs associated with the retreat. 

Questions about this Camp? Just reach out to us! Email us at

Be sure to tell us which Camp you're asking about, as we have more than one!
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