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Rediscover Your Inner, Adventurous Self!

Rediscover your power, voice, courage, self-love, and joy!

Join Your Fellow Wonder Women! Register for our 3-day Adventure into your Rediscovering YOU!

Filled with happiness, music, movement, and fun!

Take time for yourself, tap into what lights you up and excites you,

and get an "atta girl!" for just being you!

Reignite Your Life!

Regnite your life by joining your fellow women at Camp Atta Girl! Reignite your joy and happiness with our 3-day,, 2-night retreat.

Join women from all over at this magical, campy retreat designed to tap into your happiness and laughter and help you live the life you imagined. It's time to smile and play big!


Camp Atta Girl! Reignite Overnight! is a chance to connect with your inner-happy-self and other women dreamers and doers. Tap into your voice, your power, your self-love, your joy!

A Safe Haven to Get Real!

Connections to a community of wonderful women just like you! 

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list… map your next steps to joy and happiness! 

  • Reignite the passion and the joy inside!

  • Discover proven and researched tools to create your best self

  • Learn three questions that when answered will help lead you to your heart's desire and your life’s purpose

  • Discover your inner character strengths and how using your top ones can make you happier

  • Tackle what’s keeping you stuck in your life, in your job, in your pursuit of your dreams

  • Travel through your chakras, your energy centers, via visualization, meditation, dance and movement — tapping into your power, your voice and more

  • Experience meaningful connection with like-minded women

  • Find your wild, playful, happier self

  • Play big and stand in your light

  • Give yourself a BIG ATTA GIRL! for all you do!

  • So much more!

What Will We Be Doing?

To give you a sense of how the retreat unfolds, Friday the magic begins as we meet each other, connect, start to share some tools to help you find your happiness and reignite your joy and passion. Saturday, we jump right back into reigniting your life, as we throughout the day, we dance, laugh and play with our goals, strengths and dreams and give you some atta girls! for all you do! 

  • The days will be fun and experiential

  • We'll show ways to tap into and use your inner strengths

  • You'll discover how to find your purpose 

  • We'll give you easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tools and practices to help you thrive 

  • We'll connect those tools with music and movement

  • You'll tap into your energy centers, your chakras through Let Your Yoga Dance

  • You'll rediscover that kid at heart and reignite that free-spirit you have inside!

Saturday evening is our campfire happy hour, where we gather for joy, wine, music, laughs and fun, around a “campy” campfire. Then we send you off for a night of dreaming and reflection.

Sunday morning, we continue our goals, music and laughter… before sending you off at noon to take on the world as the woman you were meant to be and to live your life with fun, purpose and joy - with new friends who have your back along your journey!​

Campy Location!

In the Beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts in the Fall!

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Registration Details!

Registration is based on the number of women you're sharing a room with. 

Registration includes:

  • Camp Atta Girl! Reignite Overnight and all the fun!

  • Expert-driven programming

  • Overnight accommodations

  • Meals 

  • Official Camp Atta Girl Handbook 

  • Tools you can use long after the camp

  • Camp Atta Girl T-Shirt

  • Incredible friendships

  • The opportunity to reignite your life!

  • And so much s’more!

Group Room - 5 or More in Room


Room for 3-4


Room for 2


Notes: Room come in a variety of bedding: bunks, twins, fulls and queens. Some rooms have a private bath, some share group bath. Rooms will be assigned based on date of registration.

For bunk rooms, we will fill bottom bunks first and then move to top.

We will assign you roommate(s). If you are coming with friends or friend, simply mark their name on the registration form when registering.

Pack like you're going camping or like you’re going on a slumber party: bring your own bedding and toiletries. If you wish to rent linens, the retreat center provides them for $25.

Registration does not include airfare or travel to the Campsite.

Camp Atta GIrl! Reignite Overnight is for women 21-years and older.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel before June 1, 2021, a full refund will be issued. Between June 1, 2021 and August 1, a 50% refund will be issued. Because this is a residential workshop with individualized accommodation planning, no refunds can be issued for cancellations after August 1, 2021. However, you may “re-gift” it to another woman as long as you notify us. We are financially responsible for the retreat, so we ask you kindly to respect that we cannot make any exceptions to this policy.


Please, no pets allowed.

What Some Past Minicamp Attendees Have Said...

“Through this minicamp I was able to take a journey of self-discovery. Easy, fun, playful exercises to help become my true authentic self.” – Jennifer G

“If you are being drawn to it, follow your instincts, you will not regret your trip. It helps to firmly set your feet on your path that is calling you! Lisa shares her life experiences and her truth. This minicamp invites deeper  wellness into your life through humor, fun, experiential wisdom, dance and community. One of the best parts is knowing you are not alone on your inner journey; others will walk and dance in support alongside you as you brave this new adventure.” – Cheryl R.

“I loved every minute of this. The material provided was so thoughtfully assembled that I will be enjoying it for months to come. My heart was lifted by the beautiful souls who attended and despite the fact that it was a "virtual" minicamp, and we did not have any physical contact, I felt that each participant touched my heart. We are all in this together!” – Irena B.

“Thanks again for the great camp. It’s motivating me to dive even deeper into this game called life.” – Anonymous Wonder Woman Attendee 

“I'm a self-helpery geek! I've read dozens of best-selling books on personal development and taken many workshops over the years. Lisa's Shiftshow is not your average program! It's dynamic, engaging, informative, and FUN! It lifted my soul each week and gave me a swift (yet gentle) kick in the booty that I needed to embrace my authentic self.  Let's DANCE!!!” – Kelli C.

“The content of the Shiftshow minicamp is very relevant and relatable to many of us women who experience self-doubt about our capabilities. Lisa’s story is inspirational; her warm, down to earth, bubbly personality and compassionate heart set a comfortable tone for a group of women coming together to share and encourage each other. Lisa provided us with helpful “tools” to identify our passions, step out of our comfort zones, and make a plan for reaching personal goals in a relaxed, fun, meaningful format!” – Janice B.

“It's been very energizing. A friend mentioned it to me as something I'd enjoy and I most certainly have! You have given me new energy to stop worrying about having everything be perfect and learn more to 'dance in the rain' and go with the flow.” – Anonymous Wonder Woman Attendee

Meet Your Camp Counselors!

Lisa Sullivan

Megha Nancy Buttenheim

Ellen Feig Gray

Hi! I'm Lisa, Your Virtual Minicamp Counselor!

I'm excited to have you join me for this 4-week virtual camp! Like you, I miss those in-person connections we used to have before COVID-19. I miss our in-person Camp Atta Girl! retreats and connecting in person with all the amazing women who attend. 

But I'm also LOVING how this vitual minicamp is connecting me with so many MORE powerful and amazing women from all over! 

I believe we're going through this for a reason. I believe you're reading this for a reason. Something about this minicamp spoke to you. My hope is that you'll join me and your fellow wonder women and see how you can rediscover your voice, strength, courage, laughter!

The world needs your light. The world needs the gifts you have inside. Embrace your power... put on that crown you've earned... take time for yourself and tap into that light... and join this virtual adventure camp for your spirit!


Atta girl! 

Register Today!

The Virtual Minicamp starts September 7

Registration: $48


Just reach out below! I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Music and Movement!

A big part of our in-person Camp Atta Girl! is music and movement and dancing. While we cannot do a lot of this virtually, one of the things that makes this Shiftshow Minicamp unique over other virtual programs is we WILL be adding music and dancing on our Zoom calls, but just a little taste, not as much as our in-person camps. The music and dancing is Let Your Yoga Dance. You can find out more about this beautiful practice here: What Is Let Your Yoga Dance?

There's a wonderful quote that says, "Life begins outside of your comfort zone." I mention this because sometimes people might get a little uncomfortable with music and movement. For some, the thought of doing anything with strangers can be terrifying, let alone move and dance on a zoom call. I get it! 

So, I want you to know that I make both our day camps and sleepover camps and virtual camps fun and safe places. There’s no judgment, no need to be like anyone else. You can do as little or as much of it as you'd like. YOU DO YOU! You can turn off your camera during the music and just dance in your chair, so if you're uncomfortable with music and movement, DON'T LET THIS KEEP you from joining the minicamp! You will get so much out of the camp even if you choose not to do the music and movement.

Step out only as far as you want! The entire focus is for you to be who you are. Again, you do you. Atta girl! ;-)

Because it's never too late to...

Rediscover that playful, happy girl inside...

Be that person you are meant to be...

Do what you're being called to do...

Shine your light and turn the world on with your smile.

No more playing small. It's time to play BIG! Atta Girl!

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