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Put on those wings and get ready to take flight...
Set your intentions to make 2021 filled with more power, courage, love, and joy!

Join Your Fellow Wonder Women as we help each other build our wings and create our flight plan for the next year.

Join our Virtual Mini Camp Atta Girl!:

Saturday, January 2, 2021


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"Intentions 2021" is a  virtual mini retreat for women

that will help you welcome in the new year 

with purpose, intent and happiness!

Give yourself a gift for 2021!

Does COVID-19 and everything that's happened in 2020 have you feeling like you need a recharge for 2021? Here's a virtual retreat that can do just that! 


Find your way up and out of 2020 and take on 2021 with joy, happiness and more!

Join me for this virtual minicamp for women,

that's filled with self-discovery, happiness, music, movement and fun! 

Let loose your inner, adventurous self!

Take just a couple of hours for yourself and tap into what lights you up and excites you!

  • Look back on 2020 and find the things to be grateful for, things you can use to propel you into a wonderful 2021!

  • Set your intentions going forward!

  • Create your "Flight Plan" for 2021 and then put on your brave wings and fly!

  • Connect your soul with music and movement and laughter!

  • Receive a "Flight Plan" Guide that you can refer back to, to keep you flying all year long!

  • All while connecting with other fabulous women just like you!

Registration is Free!

2020 has been so hard on many. I want to make sure

whoever needs to attend can attend. So pay what you can, even join for free!

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What's holding you back?​

Tackle the fear and doubt, and focus on your strengths to create a foundation for making 2021 a year of possibilities. Let's catch up to that smile you've been chasing!

Learn some tools to help you reclaim your true self and power. Be the wonder woman you truly are and help others — the world! — through your newfound courage and strength. 

Steady yourself by tapping into love for self and others. Replace perfectionism with peace and purpose. Take the first steps in applying what you love into giving back to the world in a way that will light your spirit.

Turn up the joy! Show the world your wild, crazy, wonderful self. Shift to a spunkier, happier you! Create the flight plan you need to claim your place in this world of possibilities.


Hi! I'm Lisa, Your Virtual Counselor!

I'm excited to have you join me for this virtual camp! Like you, I miss those in-person connections we used to have before COVID-19. I miss our in-person Camp Atta Girl! retreats and connecting with all the amazing women who attend. But I'm grateful for being able to connect virtually!

We'll be holding 2-3 inperson Camps in 2021, but until then, I'm holding this mini-camp on January 2, because I want to help you and other amazing women take on 2021 with joy, courage, happiness and fun! And I'm holding it at a really reduced rate, even free for those who are struggling, because I want to help as many women as I can take on 2021 with as much joy and hope as possible!  

We went through 2020 for a reason. I believe you're reading this for a reason. Something about this minicamp spoke to you. My hope is that you'll join me and your fellow wonder women and see how you can rediscover your voice, strength, courage, laughter! See how to build your flight plan for your journey through 2021... just in a few short hours. Yep... just a few short hours! 

There's light inside you and ahead for you. You just need to embrace your power... put on those brave wings and fly in 2021!

Join me and other like-hearted women as we set our intentions to make 2021 our best year ever!


Atta girl! 

Register Today!

Registration is a sliding scale. $36, $18, $9 or Free!

You can pay through paypal or credit card.


Just email me at I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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