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Rediscover your inner, adventurous self!
Reignite your power, moxie, courage, self-love, joy and happiness
at our BIGGEST camp yet --- a weekend campy retreat for women in the Berkshires! 

Camp Atta Girl! is a retreat just for women!
It's filled with happiness, music, movement, and fun!

It's a weekend to take time for yourself, to tap into what lights you up and excites you,
to spark that inner wonder woman and set the world on fire!
Oh... and get a lot of "atta girls!" for just being you!

Join Your Fellow Like-hearted Wonder Women!

Register for our Weekend Adventure into Rediscovering YOU!

(atta girl!)

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Girl, no more playing small!

Join women from all over at this magical, campy retreat designed to tap into your happiness and laughter and help you live the life you imagined. It's time to play big!

This is NOT your Kid's Camp!

Join us for this is a campy retreat designed to help you rediscover your power, voice, strength, courage, laughter! Show the world what you got!

Camp Atta Girl! is a focus-on-me-and-give-myself-an-atta-girl retreat for women. It's a weekend filled with self-discovery, happiness, music, movement and fun.

This is not your kid's camp. This is designed just for women like you. We won't make you do a ropes course... we WILL give you a fun and safe atmosphere to let your hair down, dance, and just be YOU! 

Our camp is a combination of tools of happiness combined with the music and movement of Let Your Yoga Dance. This combination creates a joy-filled experience that helps lift you while you're there and long after you return home.

We call it Camp Atta Girl! because it's campy and fun and because we believe that every woman needs an "atta girl!" for all she does each and every day!

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Take time for yourself while you play and learn with like-hearted women at this adventure camp for your spirit! Put yourself at the top of your to-do list. Here's just SOME of what's in store:

  • Spend a weekend just focusing on your happiness and having fun with other women just like you!

  • Reignite the passion and the joy inside!

  • Discover proven and researched tools to create your best self!

  • Learn three questions that when answered will help lead you to your heart's desire and your life’s purpose!

  • Discover your inner character strengths and how using your top ones can make you happier!

  • Tackle what’s keeping you stuck in your life, in your job, in your pursuit of your dreams!

  • Travel through your chakras, your energy centers, via visualization, meditation, dance and movement — tapping into your power, your voice and more!

  • Experience meaningful connection with like-minded women!

  • Find your wild, playful, happier self!

  • Play big and stand in your light!

  • Enjoy a safe place for you to be real and connect with something bigger in your life!

  • Realize once and for all how great you are and that it's never too late, you're never too old, you're never too "anything" to lead the life you were born to lead!

  • Give yourself a BIG ATTA GIRL! for all you do!

  • So much more!

Come with a group or come with your friend, sister, mom, daughter... or come on your own (many do!) and meet others stepping out on their own little adventure, too!

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What Some Past Campers Have Said...

“Camp Atta Girl has been the most life-giving, soul-filling, heart-touching retreat. I’ve connected so deeply with new friends and soul sisters. Thank you for sharing your heart and your soul and impacting our lives.” — Amber B.

"I wasn’t sure what exactly I was coming to or expecting this retreat to be. I was excited to get away with a friend and have a girl’s weekend. Boy, was I surprised. I didn’t realize how much I needed to look into myself and let so many burdens go! Baggage that I was carrying and passing onto my family!” — Brandi T

“One of the most rewarding and inspirational things I’ve ever done, let alone done for myself. I look forward to implementing what I’ve learned and make desperately needed changes in my life! Out with the defeating thoughts and in with the “I CAN, I WILL!” — Charla M.

“Thanks again for the great camp. It’s motivating me to dive even deeper into this game called life.” —Anonymous Wonder Woman Attendee 

“Atta Girl was phenomenal. I came away with real, easy to implement and use tools that will help me play big. Atta girl was fun, inspiring and magical. The people I met in the class were amazing." — Jann G.

"Camp Atta Girl! was amazing! Beautiful music and I felt free to be myself! Being an introvert, feeling free, feeling safe to just be me and not worry about being judged and just have fun was everything I needed." — Dodie Y

“I was able to take a journey of self-discovery. Easy, fun, playful exercises to help become my true authentic self.” — Jennifer G

“I really enjoyed my time at Camp last weekend. I went to Camp feeling drained and exhausted from dealing with a lot of recent work drama. I left with new tools I can use to deal with those situations. I felt engaged the entire time and came away learning several new approaches to feeling empowered. It's something even an introvert would love!” — Shelley C

"I have to admit when my friend first suggested it I was like nope, no way, not my thing. Well about 10 minutes in I was like well this is interesting. 30 minutes in we were dancing and learning and everyone was starting to feel a bit more comfortable with everyone. After the first hour we laughed , danced, sang, learned, some cried. It was a educational, yet spiritual awakening I guess is how I could best describe it. I took everything to heart and came home practicing it. Several friends pointed out I seemed a little different but they can't pinpoint the changes. I am finally focusing on me!"  — Lori B

Read more testimonials here!

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Music and Movement - Let Your Yoga Dance !


A big part of Camp Atta Girl! is music and movement and dancing! It's what makes our retreat unique over others. We combine music and movement with the science of happiness and the tools of positive psychology to bring on total joy and life-changing practices.


 The music and dancing is Let Your Yoga Dance, a joyful practice that allows you to explore playful expressive movements that lift the spirit, raise self-awareness, and invoke joy. It combines yoga, the breath, and user-friendly movement with fabulous and fun music from around the world. You can find out more about this beautiful practice here: What Is Let Your Yoga Dance?

If you've never done yoga in your life, you can easily do Let Your Yoga Dance! It's for every one and any body!

Some people might get a little uncomfortable with music and movement. For some, the thought of doing anything with strangers can be terrifying, let alone move and dance. But we make our camps fun and safe places. There’s no judgment, no need to be like anyone else. You can do as little or as much of the movement as you'd like. And you can even do it from a chair! 

If you're uncomfortable with music and movement, DON'T LET THIS KEEP you from joining Camp! Step out only as far as you want! The entire focus on Camp Atta Girl! is for you to be who you are. YOU DO YOU!  Atta girl!

Meet Your Camp Counselors!

The "Camp Counselors" at Camp Atta Girl! are leaders in their fields. They are passionate about helping women lead the lives they were meant to lead! They are all about helping you be the best you can be, and having fun and laughs along the way! It's about the destination AND the journey... and it's always about happiness, joy, compassion, resilience and love.

Lisa Bailey Sullivan

Hi, I'm Lisa, the founder of Camp Atta Girl! I’m so excited about our camp in the Berkshires! I’m a mom, wife, recovering marketing exec, author, speaker... but mostly I'm a woman who wants to help other women find their voice, power, light and joy! I want to help you play big, embrace your true self, have fun in life and do whatever it is you are being called to do!

I do this through a combination of science and "woo-woo" — combining the science of happiness with wild and wonderful yoga dance movements through the chakras. 

Why me? I've been there... I'm still there, traveling this road with you. 


I was a corporate marketing exec. But suddenly, I was laid off and panic set in as I was the sole support for our family.

Megha Nancy Buttenheim

I'm Megha! I'm a dancer, author, teacher, and speaker who believes that dancing is the key to a joyful life!  I love bringing energy, humor, love and joy to everyone I meet. 


I am the founding director and CJO (Chief Joy Officer) of Let Your Yoga Dance®. Let Your Yoga Dance® is a beautiful practice that allows you to explore playful expressive movements that lift the spirit, raise self-wareness, and invoke joy.  


I've led retreats, training, and classes for more than 30 years and was a long-time faculty member and teacher at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. I'm an author and speaker, and have presented in the United States, England, Canada, Australia and Costa Rica. I like to bring my passion and expertise as a lifelong dancer, actress, singer, yogi, and educator in experiential learning in all my presentations, workshops and training.

Ellen Feig Gray

I’m Ellen! My greatest joy is to connect people of any age or life stage to their purpose, passions, and strengths and to help them create happier lives. As a certified positive psychology coach, I support clients in working towards positive change and reaching their highest aspirations. In my practice, I integrate evidence based tools and practices from science and the wisdom traditions.


I am also passionate about raising and educating the next generation of happy and resilient individuals through empathy and compassion. I founded Parent with Perspective to offer coaching, workshops and training for parents and educators to shift their focus to building their own toolbox of happiness practices, so they can model wellbeing for their children and students. I also co-authored a book about creating compassionate classes entitled Hacking School Culture

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Registration Is Closed for 2021!


Just reach out to us at and we'll be happy to help in any way!

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Questions? Email Atta girl!