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Lisa Sullivan

Your "Head Camp Counselor"

Grateful Wife and Mom

Certified in Positive Psychology

Certified in Happiness Studies Through
Happiness Studies Academy

Trained in Google's "Search Inside Yourself" Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Programs

Certified Let Your Yoga Dance Instructor

Certified Infinite Possibilities Teacher

Author, Speaker, Happiness Activist

Believer in Having Fun, Having a Playful Heart, and Living in Full Color!
(And marketing exec, etc.)

lisa round.jpg

Hi there, Happy Campers!

I'm Lisa Sullivan and the founder of Camp Atta Girl! I'm also a mom, wife, recovering marketing exec... but mostly a woman who wants to help other women find their voice, power, light and purpose. I created Camp Atta Girl! because I wanted to help women like you play big, embrace your true self, have fun in life and do whatever it is you are being called to do!

Camp Atta Girl! helps you do all this through a mix of science and "woo-woo" — combining the science of happiness with wild and wonderful yoga dance movements through the chakras. We connect your mind with your soul.

Why me? I've been there... I'm still there, traveling this road with you. 

I was a corporate marketing exec. But suddenly, I was laid off and for the first time in more than 25 years, I was without a job. I sank into a real funk. Panic set in as I was the sole support for our family.

During that panic, I decided to do something totally out of my comfort zone. I decided to become trained in Let Your Yoga Dance. I’d never done yoga, was totally out of shape, but something about it spoke to me. And I fell in love with it. It was healing.

I realized that I was playing small and hiding. I had always been waiting for that "perfect" time when I was "thin" to play big. I cared more about what others thought than what was right for me. But, I discovered the true way to my happiness was for me to be me. 

So I became certified as a Let Your Yoga Dance teacher and have now combined movement with the science of positive psychology (which I'm also certified in). I help companies and individuals through both.

All of this led me to where we are today: Camp Atta Girl. Throughout my journey, I continue to meet women who are going through the same "stuff" I am going through. Whether it's our careers, our relationships, our self-worth, we all have challenges and we're pushing through them. I created this retreat because I believe every woman — no matter what age, what color, what profession, what size — deserves an atta girl for all she's done in life.


So, whether you attend a 1-day camp or overnight camp or virtual camp, you'll connect with other women. You'll be given proven tools to make you happier. We'll take you through all the chakras through dance and movement (that anybody can do - if I can do it, any woman can do it!). All of this is with a deep focus on your strength, voice, power and self-love. In this world of chaos, it's a time for you to breathe and feel grounded while tossing in some laughter and joy!

My hope is that you'll have a lot of fun, find your best self again and tap into your courage to make changes you want to make. Or just love what is, rediscover your playful heart, and have a blast with other heart-centered women!

No more playing small. It's time to play big!


Atta girl!

P.S. By day, I'm blessed to work for my beautiful town, helping them with marketing, communications, and employee happiness and engagement. By night, I'm blessed to help women like you! Always remember: you can find your purpose and bring it to work with you... and you can become happier and more fulfilled even if you just tap into your purpose a few hours a week! There's no time element to loving life and helping others!

Serious about what I do, not about who I am.

You can learn more about me and other happy things I offer at

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