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Just SOME of the Kind Words From Past Campers!

“Every woman should experience Camp Atta Girl! at least once!” Denise W.

“I have the tools to help me be a stronger person, learn to love myself first. I loved all the yoga dancing, great way to get you moving throughout the event. Love it so much, would attend again! Thank you!” Peggy W.


“One of the most rewarding and inspirational things I’ve ever done, let alone done for myself. I look forward to implementing what I’ve learned and make desperately needed changes in my life! Out with the defeating thoughts and in with the “I CAN, I WILL!” — Charla M.

“I woke up with positive psychology tools that will change my life. We had fun; yet,  learned so much!  The sharing / mindful listening opened up the other half of the magic where participants bonded. I walked away with a couple of new friends I felt like I had known forever! It was a perfect day!” Susan S. 

“I have been working on practicing self-care and this workshop really uncovered some things I have been holding on to. It help me to tap into my creative side, to help encourage and inspire people that are in my network to help them grown” Carla M.

“I have lost my job and husband in one week almost 3 years ago. I am on a healing journey. This camp gave me the opportunity to focus on my strengths and weaknesses as I move forward in my life.” anonymous

“I came expecting good things but to my surprise I found a GREAT experience and met a lot of great ladies! This has changed my future expectations. It’s inspired me to let the past hurts go and focus on being my best self!” — Phyliss D.

“Camp Atta Girl has been the most life-giving, soul-filling, heart-touching retreat. I’ve connected so deeply with new friends and soul sisters. Thank you for sharing your heart and your soul and impacting our lives.” — Amber B.

“Inspirational, thought-provoking, time-well spent. I will be processing these gifts for a long time-will receive benefits for the rest of my life” — Barbie W.

“Perfect gift for myself for a 50th birthday. Really, it’s a gift for my family and coworkers because they will receive a better me after this camp.” — Greta C.

“All the lessons and related activities are well-thought out and empowering! I highly recommend Camp Atta Girl! for individual women as well as groups. You’ll be glad you did!” — Jenny S.

“This was much more than I ever expected. I’m glad this experience has opened my eyes to see that I am awesome, too.” — Tonya R.

“I thought the material and use of music was very well-balanced. The handbook and tools were amazing.” — Anonymous

“I can’t wait to get home and share the information with my family - we need more of these type of things in the world.” — Anonymous

“I let go of a lot of baggage and learned a lot of new tools to enhance happiness.” Lacey L.


“Year 2 for me and I once again, loved every minute. The spirit, the power, the magic of being with my sisters once again was truly inspiring.” Vicki H.

"It is scary but wonderful to be vulnerable. Today at Camp Atta Girl!, the safe space and connection to others felt grounding, amazing and hopeful." Twana S.

"This is for anyone who is missing something in their lives, or feels a little stuck ( or a lot), or just wants to set outside their box. Even for introverts, Lisa makes you feel loved, supported, without some of the oversharing in some workshops. A great way to tap into your soul in gentle baby steps." Anonymous

"I felt I was where I needed to be… right here now. I needed a reminder that I can change the world and it starts with loving me first. I am so grateful to have been able to be here today and my intention is to continue this work. This retreat has helped with all of this." Maria M.

"A great opportunity to “know” yourself better, to make connections with other women, to “let go” and feel special." Joan G.

"Very motivating and rejuvenating camp with ladies who are like-minded." Anonymous


"In this busy world, do yourself a favor and take the day off to go to Camp Atta Girl! The healing and dance will occur inside of you. You deserve this!" Macarena R.

"Thank you for doing this and being here. I’ve been struggling with making a big decision in life, and you came along just at the right time. Serendipity does it again. Thank you." Jackie M.

"There is always room for improvement and just follow your instincts. It’s OK to be human. Sometimes you just have to trust a higher power and go forward." Susan T.

"Camp Atta Girl! has it all – learning new skills, self-reflection, joyful movement, fun, laughter, soulful moments and wonderful connections with other like-minded women. I came feeling beaten down by my current situation, feeling like ELFT (every little f-ing thing) was unsurmountable, and I left reminded of joy and grace and leading with our strengths – Dance on, rock star! Loved it!" – Alyson L.

"Very uplifting." Anonymous

"I haven’t had so much fun in  years." Sue B.

"Ninety AMAZING women in Great Barrington together for a weekend of dancing, singing, laughing, and learning about who they are.  This was one of the very best weekends of my life." - Michele O.

"The best weekend of my life."  – Marie M.

"Had the best weekend!" – Lori L.

"It was an amazing weekend! – Carolyn D.

"90 woman … no politics, no religion, no race and zero judgement was such an amazing experience!" – Debbie G.

"What an amazing weekend at Camp Atta Girl. Hope there’s a 2.0 next year." – Kate S.

"What a wonderful weekend of bonding with wonderful women ❤️Soo much fun!! – Marianne P.

"Attending Camp Atta Girl was life changing. I want to bring the love to my community. I want to re-focus my work as therapist with more positive psychology. This was one of the best weekends of my life. — Michele O.

"This weekend has given me opportunities that I didn't know were available. I have met so many wonderful women. I am forever grateful." – Michelle B.

"It was extraordinary! Fun, intense, and really shifted things for me - what an honor to spend the weekend with this group of amazing women!!" – Margery L.

"Such a wonderful weekend. Slowly digesting all I’ve learned and experienced." – Kim J.

"I am still flying high .. to be able to just BE ME for a couple of days and uplifted the entire time and being in a sacred space with like minded woman was what I needed and what this world needs 🙏🏼💕 thank you for creating this." – Debbie G.


"Working on building my Atta Girl playlist. Today's theme song "I Got A New Attitude". Thank you for creating this space. I enjoyed this past weekend and grew in ways I never expected! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been doing this also. I woke up singing "love you like a love song" – Rhonda F.

"Camp Atta Girl! was precisely what I needed to hear, feel, and do when I needed it most.  Coincidence?  A sign?  A Godwink? Kismet?  Synchronicity? Whatever you want to call it, it was the injection of positivity I needed to move forward with confidence during my divorce. I attended the one-day camp in January 2022; one month after I left my husband. Even though I initiated the separation, I had never lived on my own before. Lisa and her team reminded me/us that we are strong, brave, powerful women that deserve to be happy…and to dance!" Liz S.

“Camp Atta Girl was exactly what I was looking for. It helped me find myself again. It was an amazing journey through the phases of how to become a better you. The materials and tools are easy to use and very heartfelt. Thank you for an amazing weekend.” — Kristie C.

“It had a deep realization for me. I found and discovered it’s okay to be human.” — Janice B.

I am truly inspired to be a happier person, and now have tools and direction to get there. You gave me the word empowered and I know I can change lives with what I learned. I will be a better friend, wife and mother because you shared your gift.” — Pam D.

“Great way to rejuvenate your spirit.” — Kelly D.

I wasn’t sure what exactly I was coming to or expecting this retreat to be. I was excited to get away with a friend and have a girl’s weekend. Boy, was I surprised. I didn’t realize how much I needed to look into myself and let so many burdens go! Baggage that I was carrying and passing onto my family!” — Brandi T.

This was the best thing I ever did for myself. The experience and the other ladies were amazing. Definitely a must do. — Anonymous

“Atta Girl was phenomenal. I came away with real, easy to implement and use tools that will help me play big. Atta girl was fun, inspiring and magical. The people I met in the class were amazing." — Jann G.
"Thanks for teaching me to love and accept myself no matter what number appears on a scale." — Tonya R.
"I LOVED how deeply the retreat “cleansed” the soul of all the crud, clutter, labels, guilt and emotional baggage we consciously and unconsciously pile upon ourselves!" — Sarah A.
"So looking forward to my second Camp attendance! I know I've accomplished "some" things over the course of a year...but still have much to do." Vicki H.

“This is something even an introvert would enjoy!” Shellye C.


“When I attended Camp Atta Girl! in February, I was sad and hoped to find my happiness. I had to get right and positive toward myself before I could begin to work on me. Since that time, I’ve lost 30lbs and continue to work on being a happier, healthier me.” Tonya R.


“I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. This was something very new to me but completely something I needed.” Lori B.

"What I experienced at Camp Atta Girl! helped me identify where I am in life right now (resignation, given up on happiness) and steps I can take to move toward more happiness." Anonymous

"Lisa has exceptional presentation skills, and intuitively guides the group. Information is useful, both personally, professionally, and the supplemental guides are wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed the time and would participate in future events." Andrea P.

"Camp Atta Girl! is a unique experience to step away from the hectic world for a moment, connect with yourself and other magnificent women, while exploring ways to increase happiness and life satisfaction. It exceeded expectations!" Kelli C.

"I was given tools to help look at myself and the world in a softer way. Learning that most of the women feel the say but are afraid to express it. It’s okay to be me." Anonymous

"The power of gathering in one space full of amazing women is absolutely outstanding. So many stories, personalities, ambitions, etc. All here to exclaim “I AM.” Wonderful day!" Anonymous

"Reconnects me back to my magnificence!" Anonymous

"It is very informative and fun-filled inspirational day with the instructor, Lisa. Making new friends and getting your yoga on." Melissa B.

"This retreat showed me that everyone is important, everyone can shine, everyone has a purpose in life, everyone should love themselves. If everyone could feel all these things about themselves and share them with one other person, what a difference we would make." Anonymous

"Very empowering." Anonymous

"It’s a wonderful way to spend a day just for yourself, to learn, to have self-reflection and growth… and a great way to meet new friends!" Anonymous

"I came not knowing what to expect and am leaving as a better version of me. Taking time to look inside and feeling such emotions – I truly know I am enough!" Barbara M.

"It frees you from so much of what keeps you from being your best self. The entire world needs this!" Terri F.

"Just sign up. You won’t regret it for a second!" Anonymous

"So excited to take the techniques we learned today and use them in my everyday life! I only wish we had a longer session and looking forward to attending another camp in the future!" Laura L.


"It was an amazing weekend! Kudos Lisa…Atta Girl! – Donna P.

"I couldn’t be more thrilled that I happened upon Camp Atta Girl. Thank you for this amazing experience." – Kate S.

"I learned so much about me. Just amazing! I am filled with Gratitude." – Hildy S.

"I feel blessed to have been among such an amazing tribe of woman! The spirit, strength, compassion, vulnerability, acceptance and positivity was exactly what I needed." – Tammy L.

"So, so blessed! 🙌 and full of power." – Marie M.

"Was a fabulous group of women and so fun!" – Sarah L.

"This weekend was life changing for me! I met so many amazing women! – Gena D.

"I spent a joy-filled weekend at Camp Atta Girl in Great Barrington, Massachusetts with an amazing group of about 85 women. If anyone is interested in doing something special for yourself, I recommend attending a Camp Atta Girl event." – Donna P.

"It was an incredible womens’ retreat - we were all glowing." – Margery L.

"Thank you for this wonderful weekend! It was such a beautiful opportunity to connect with like-minded women. The perfect blend of love, joy, happiness, and support! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" – Patricia S.

"You changed the lives of so many women this weekend!! Women were able to open up, feel SAFE, joy, love and hope!! 🤗 Thank you for all your love!!" – Marianne P.


Some testimonials are really fun. Here's how one "camper" described it, when a woman on Facebook asked her to give some more details.

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