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Can't make it to one of our camps? Or maybe you've been to one of our retreats but want some more of the same inspiration, joy and fun you got at the Camp? Then grab a copy of Camp Atta Girl! founder's new book: Atta Girl!

Atta Girl! is a fun, tongue-in-cheek look at what Lisa went through when challenges hit her and how her experience can help other women overcome their challenges. The book includes some of what she shares at Camp Atta Girl! along with personal anecdotes and  practical activities that take you back to a more authentic life filled with joy and purpose.

Drawing from the latest in positive psychology and more than two decades of marketing leadership experience, Lisa offers simple, tested actions that help reduce stress and anxiety and cultivate a lasting sense of well-being at work and in life.

A note from LIsa, the Founder of Camp Atta Girl!

Like Camp Atta Girl! (that's campy and fun, yet offers great information to help you lead the life you want), my book is loaded with things that have helped me through my life, but also written with humor. Getting through one of the biggest sh*tshows of my life is what led me to create Camp Atta Girl! And YOU can create something that touches your soul from challenges, too!

You may find yourself in the middle of a work challenge, health issue, financial hardship, divorce or relational challenge, emotional hurt or disappointment. Or maybe your life is free of sh*tshows and you just want to find a little way to bring more happiness into your life.

Whatever your life circumstances, my hope with this book is that it will help you make it through and walk out with a smile on your face. You can tap into your power and moxie and start living fearlessly happy. Atta girl!




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Because it's never too late to...

Rediscover that playful, happy girl inside...

Be that person you are meant to be...

Do what you're being called to do...

Shine your light and turn the world on with your smile.

No more playing small. It's time to play BIG! Atta Girl!

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