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This Isn't Your Kid's Camp!
This is YOUR camp!

Camp Atta Girl! is a fun and "campy" retreat for WOMEN! 

If you are tired of playing small... if you want more out of life... 

if you want to tap into your power, voice and self-love...

if you want to bring some fun, joy and happiness into your life...

or if you just want to recharge and embrace that adorable badass inside you...

then this retreat is for you!

Find Your Support

Discover tools for feeling grounded and safe — the foundation for letting your light and happiness shine bright.

Unleash Your Warrior

Access your inner power and strength. Get ready to take on the world as the amazing woman you truly are.

Gain Your Balance

Steady yourself by tapping into love for self and others. Replace perfectionism with peace and purpose.

Express Yourself

Turn up the joy and laugh like you just don't care. Meet your wild, crazy, wonderful self, and claim her place in this world of possibilities. 

You'll learn researched and proven tools for creating more happiness in your life, finding your purpose

and discovering your best strengths — all combined with music, yoga dancing, movement, laughs and fun!

This is an indoor-sometimes-outdoor-enjoying-nature-kind-of retreat!

We won't make you do a ropes course... But we will do everything to bring a little joy into your life!

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You'll Shift Your Limiting Beliefs and Earn Your "Atta Girl!" Badge!

(And just have a blast!)

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Some of what women have said about Camp Atta Girl!

“This was an amazing day. It is an experience you will not regret. Come to learn to love and celebrate you!”
~Allison H.
“It was fun, got us moving and comfortable with each other. Learned a lot, felt like I really played big! So many great, useful tool to explore in these next weeks."
~ Susan N.
“Atta Girl was phenomenal. I came away with real, easy to implement and use tools that will help me play big. Atta girl was fun, inspiring and magical. The people I met in the class were amazing."
~Jann G.
“This was such a valuable day! I recommend Camp Atta Girl! to any woman interested in bettering themselves. I came away with great tools!”
~ Cassie T.
Camp Atta Girl has been the most life-giving, soul-filling, heart-touching retreat.
~ Amber B.
“It had a deep realization for me. I found and discovered it’s okay to be human.”
~ Janice B.
One of the most rewarding and inspirational things I’ve ever done, let alone done for myself. Out with the defeating thoughts and in with the “I CAN, I WILL!” 
~Charla M.
Camp Atta Girl! was exactly what I was looking for. It helped me find myself again. It was an amazing journey through the phases of how to become a better you. The materials and tools are easy to use and very heartfelt. Thank you for an amazing weekend."
~Kristie C.
“Camp Atta Girl! was awesome! An amazing day of support, laughter, dance, hugs, crafts, reflection, quiet meditation, talking it out...and yes, some tears. I believe every one of us left that day with a new found energy, goals, and big smiles on our faces. What a fun day! "
~ Vicki H.
This was the best thing I ever did for myself. The experience and the other ladies were amazing. Definitely a must do.
~ Anonymous
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Lisa Sullivan
Your Head Camp Counselor

"Through a combination of science and 'woo-woo,' I help women like you find your voice, power, light and purpose — so you have the courage to play big, embrace your true self and do whatever it is you're being called to do. Oh... and have fun doing it! Let's celebrate you, and all you can do and be — atta girl!"

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"One of the most rewarding and inspirational things I’ve ever done."
Camp Atta Girl! Attendee
Atta Girl!
Atta Girl!
Atta Girl!
Atta Girl!
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