Some months we share calendars that tie in with a monthly theme. April is "National Humor Month!"

What day is this?


If you've found yourself asking that once or twice, you're not alone! ;-)


Here's our monthly calendar to help you remember! It's also one to help you smile through everything we're going through with the coronavirus. One of the best ways to handle stress is to focus on hope and humor... And since April is National Humor Month, it's a perfect time to focus on joy and little moments of laughter.


So, in between your social distancing and your practicing gratitude each day (you're doing that, right?), take a moment to follow along.


We'll get through this... one laugh and smile at a time!


Atta girl!

Because it's never too late to...

Rediscover that playful, happy girl inside...

Be that person you are meant to be...

Do what you're being called to do...

Shine your light and turn the world on with your smile.

No more playing small. It's time to play BIG! Atta Girl!

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