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Some months we share calendars that tie in with a monthly theme. This month's theme... Inspire a Girl in 3 Words!

From the founder of Camp Atta Girl!....


My daughter is graduating high school at the end of May. She's my "baby" and the last one to "leave the nest."

Where did the time go? I find that I'm asking myself, "Have I done enough?" But she's strong, powerful, resilient, kind, beautiful (inside and out), and she's ready to fly. I hope I've taught her enough to thrive and have some fun during this next part of her journey.

Recently, as I was prepping for all her final high school things, I remembered this wonderful hashtag on social media a couple of years ago:


I remembered all those wonderful words of wisdom that were shared that day.


So, in honor of my girl and all the amazing girls out there (girls of ALL ages!), this month's calendar is how we can inspire ourselves and inspire a girl in 3 words.

Print out, follow along. Share 3 words each day to inspire others!