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January 2022 Calendar!

Choose Your 2022 Word!


A single word can build someone up (or tear them down). Words inspire. Words give meaning. Words can create magic, clarity, passion. And just one word can impact all aspects of your life... This one word is unique to each person. Find your word for 2022 by asking yourself these questions:

What would I like to focus on this year?

What inspires me?

Is there something blocking my happiness?

What do I need to lead a more purposeful life?

Shine. Dare. Believe. Laugh. Create. Begin. Forgive. Cherish. Bloom. Breathe. Appreciate. Dream. Pray. Imagine. Dance. Soar. Simplify. Marvel. Be. Love.

Forget resolutions... instead, set an intention with a single word. Be grateful for what you learned and experienced in 2021 and take those learnings into 2022.  And in January, focus on a word a day to add to the fun!

Color Your Intentions!

Along with the monthly calendar, check out the "color your intentions" calendar, too!


How about coming up with a new intention each month? Each month, try something new, different, fun, or even crazy every day for 30 days.


This isn't about about BIG goals, but about PLAYFUL things. It's about bringing joy and play into your life. So, each month, think of one FUN or PLAYFUL thing/practice you want to do each day that month. Each day you do it, color that day! At the end of the year, you'll have a colorful year to look back on that was filled with joy and fun and laughter! Atta girl!

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