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Some months we share calendars that tie in with a monthly theme. 

What is compassion? Compassion is when we see someone hurting and instead of getting swamped in their painful feelings (that's empathy), we deliberately activate a sense of presence and care. In this way, we take care of ourselves and the other person as well. It's being present. And through that feeling of being present, we take care of ourselves and are able to take care of others.


Compassion is honest and real. So is gratitude.


This month, our calendar is about compassion and gratitude. Be present. Be there for others. Be there for yourself. And foster a deep gratitude for all you have and are. Atta girl!

This month, follow a compassion action plan...

Having a compassion plan will help you through anything you may be feeling this month. It's as simple as planning ahead of each day what you will do to bring a little compassion and gratitude into your life. Maybe it's planning a walk. Maybe it's planning for some quiet time in the sun. Maybe it's donning your mask and sitting outside a local café with a good book and a pumpkin latte. It's anything that will lift your spirit when it needs lifting.


Make an action plan by filling in the top row. Then, each night, also write down 2-3 things you're grateful for on the bottom. Really feel the gratitude.

Just click on the plan to download it.

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Because it's never too late to...

Rediscover that playful, happy girl inside...

Be that person you are meant to be...

Do what you're being called to do...

Shine your light and turn the world on with your smile.

No more playing small. It's time to play BIG! Atta Girl!

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