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Kick of 2024 In a Fun and Unique Way!

Join this fun & empowering & unique Camp Atta Girl!
Camp Atta Girl! The Adorable Badass Version!

I'm Lisa Sullivan, the founder of Camp Atta Girl! Not sure how you found yourself here, but welcome! (And there are no coincidences... you found yourself here for a reason, so read on...)

I'm kicking off 2024 with my intention to be an adorable badass throughout 2024! And I'd love for you to tag along and let's help each other be the total adorable badass women we were all born to be!

I've put on Camp Atta Girl! retreats for 5 years. I've been working so hard that at times I forget to live the life I ask all the fabulous women who attend my retreats to live. So, I've decided to do something a little different to kick off 2024: I'm holding Camp Atta Girl! The Adorable Badass Version! I'm doing this for you AND for me.

I'm kicking off 2024 on Saturday, December 30th with an in-person, mini-Camp Atta Girl! but with a unique twist: I'll air it live virtually, so you can be there if you're not in the area.

Then, I'll hold 4 virtual "Meet Ups" where we'll meet as circle of Adorable Badass Women the first 4 months of the year.

This is a campy and fun retreat designed to help you shift your thinking and rediscover your power, voice, strength, purpose, courage and laughter — your adorable badass self! 

Whether you want to make some changes or just want to have some fun once a month, let's kick off 2024 with the intention to be our badass selves!

This will be messy but fun... just as life should be.

Here's how Camp Atta Girl! The Adorable Badass Version will work...
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It Kicks Off In A Unique Way - Live or Virtual!

I'll kick off with a half-day in-person "Mini-Camp-Atta-Girl." We'll focus on what our intentions are for 2024. We'll focus on key tools we can use in 2024 to help us all be who we want to be in 2024. We'll focus on tools that center upon these adorable badass powers:

  • The badass power of loving ourselves no matter what!

  • The badass power of saying no to what doesn't bring us joy!

  • The badass power of not caring what anyone thinks of us!

  • The badass power of embracing getting older and being who we want to be!

  • The badass power of giving up perfectionism!

  • The badass power of forgiving yourself!

  • The badass power of loving your wonderful, juicy, fabulous life just as it is right now... combined with the badass power of visioning and manifesting what you want! (Now, that's truly badass!)

  • The badass power of not giving a f*ck if that's what you want!

  • And more!

This kick-off will be in person AND carried live on zoom! So, if you're in the area, you can attend in person. If you're not, you can watch and be a part of it virtually via zoom!

Then We'll Meet Once-a-Month for 4 Months Via Zoom at a Virtual Adorable Badass Campfire!

We'll meet one evening a month virtually as a circle of adorable badass women. Each circle will center upon a theme designed to build our moxie, self-love, power and joy so we can truly become the adorable badasses we want to be... that we were born to be! We'll connect, share, dance, laugh and just be our adorable badass selves. 

Each Adorable Badass Campfire takes place under the wisdom of the coming new moon. Every month, we'll gather around the Campfire, with each circle taking place the Monday before the new moon. The last one will be in April, right before the new moon and total solar eclipse happening in many parts of the US, including Dripping Springs, where the Camp Atta Girl! started. My goal is to make these new moon connections powerful, to really tap into that badass feeling!

Depending on what the universe tells me for that month, I may even have a guest speaker or dancer, someone who I think symbolizes being an adorable badass!


The Cost? Pay What You Can!

This "camp" is gonna be messy. I'm doing it so I can fully participate and really tap into the adorable badass woman I know I AM!

What does this mean? I'm experimenting with this "virtual and in person" thing to kick it off. It may be messy - but I'll do my best to make it magnificently messy.  At the ABCs (Adorable Badass Campfires), we'll focus on the badass power that speaks to me that month. I'll be listening to the universe and that whisper in my ear that tells me what power I need to tap into... what power we all need to tap into. 

The tools I'll be sharing are from my heart and will be digital or virtual. This way I save money so I can share that savings to you and the circle of badass women can be whatever size the universe thinks it should be. And it will save me time, too, so I can fully be in that circle, too! 

Given all that, pay what you can pay... $36, $54 or $72. Can't pay anything? That's okay, too.


I'm going at this like an adorable badass woman... helping you as much as I can while also taking care of myself. 

Have plans on December 30th but still want to join? You will still get a lot out of the 4 Adorable Badass Campfires, even if you cannot make it on December 30th!

So, if this looks like something you'd like, just click on the link below and register! I'd love to have you join!

Here are the dates!

In Person Kick-off

December 30, 2023

8:30am-12:30pm Central

Rose Haven Event Venue 

Austin/Dripping Springs, Texas

(Remember... if you can't be there in person, it will be virtual, too!)

Adorable Badass Campfire Circles

Monday, January 8, 2024

7:00pm Central, 8:00pm Eastern

(new moon is January 11)


Monday, February 5, 2024

7:00pm Central, 8:00pm Eastern

(new moon is February 9) 

Monday, March 4, 2024

7:00pm Central, 8:00pm Eastern

(new moon is March 10)


Monday April 1, 2024

7:00pm Central, 8:00pm Eastern

(new moon and the total solar eclipse is April 8)

Before you register, please know there are two rules for the zoom calls... 

  1. First, no hiding! Everyone has to share their screen. There's no judgment what-so-ever. We've been hiding long enough! These zoom calls are a safe place.

  2. Second, have fun and be your badass self!

These will be a sisterhood of women. This is not you just staring at your screen! These virtual circles will be interactive and experiential. We'll learn, dance and connect with each other as the adorable badass women we are. We'll gather for an hour and then we'll send each other off to focus on a badass empowering tool for the next 4 weeks until we meet again.  

When you register, you can register others, too! This holiday season, give them an Adorable Badass experience as a Christmas or Hanukkah gift!
You'll be giving them
a gift that could
last a lifetime!

Register your bestie, sister, mom, daughter and others. Then click on this certificate, download, print, and wrap it.

Gift Certificate to Camp Atta Girl! badass.jpg

Grab your leather or jean jacket or whatever makes you feel like an adorable badass and join me!

Cancellation policy: I've never done a "dual" camp, ie: in person and virtually at the same time. I tend to think it will be messy, but fun! If you cannot make the December 30 camp, either virtually or in person, I'll try to record it. But I cannot promise I can. I also cannot promise the quality of the December 30th zoom, but you'll still connect and learn and set intentions with me and other women! I will also try to record the campfires. I say all this because there are no refunds, so I want you to know the scope of what this will be before you register. I'm offering this at what you can afford. That means I also have to keep it easy on me with the registration and the administration of it. So, please be sure you understand and are okay with this before registering! I'm grateful to you for understanding! 

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Wondering if this is for you?


If this speech resonated with you this past summer, then it is!


Much of dancing we'll do will be to the music and lyrics from the amazing singer and songwriter of empowering songs for women: the adorable badass Karen Drucker!

Karen’s message is all about healing and love and empowerment. She has recorded 20 CDs of her inspirational music.

Her chants and songs are used around the world and often help people deal with illness and loss, or help them fill the need to feel more centered for the day. Her music also empowers women to be the adorable badasses they are are! She uses her music to open hearts and share a message of hope, acceptance, and love. Atta girl, Karen!

You can learn more about Karen and her beautiful work on her website:

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