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Meet Your Camp Counselors!

The "Camp Counselors" at Camp Atta Girl! are leaders in their fields. They are passionate about helping women lead the lives they were meant to lead! They are all about helping you be the best you can be, and having fun and laughs along the way! It's about the destination AND the journey... and it's always about happiness, joy, compassion, resilience and love.

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Lisa Bailey Sullivan

Hi! I'm Lisa, the founder of Camp Atta Girl! I’m so excited about our camp in the Berkshires! I’m a mom, wife, recovering marketing exec, author, speaker... but mostly I'm a woman who wants to help other women find their voice, power, light and joy! I want to help you play big, embrace your true self, have fun in life and do whatever it is you are being called to do!

I do this through a combination of science and "woo-woo" — combining the science of happiness with wild and wonderful yoga dance movements through the chakras. 

Why me? I've been there... I'm still there, traveling this road with you. 


I was a corporate marketing exec. But suddenly, I was laid off and panic set in as I was the sole support for our family.

During that panic, I decided to do something totally out of my comfort zone and become trained in Let Your Yoga Dance. I realized that I was playing small and hiding. I had always been waiting for that "perfect" time when I was "thin" to play big. I cared more about what others thought than what was right for me. But, I discovered the true way to my happiness was for me to be me. 

I continue to meet women who are going through the same "stuff" I am going through.  I created Camp Atta Girl! because I believe every woman — no matter what age, what color, what profession, what size — deserves an atta girl for all she's done in life.


During the camp, you'll connect with other women. You'll be given proven tools to make you happier. We'll take you through all the chakras through dance and movement (that anybody can do!). All of this is with a deep focus on your strength, voice, power and self-love. In this world of chaos, it's a weekend just for you to breathe and feel grounded while tossing in some laughter and joy!

My hope is that you'll have a lot of fun, find your best self again and tap into your courage to make changes you want to make. Or just love what is.


Girl, stop playing small. It's time to play big!


Krista Lee Marx

Hi Beautiful Women! I'm Krista! I discovered Camp Atta Girl as we were all coming out of the pandemic - and have been an Atta Girl groupie ever since having attended twice as an attendee and assisted four times - and counting - as a counselor. 

Inspired by my time at Camp Atta Girl!, I sought out and received my certification as a Let Your Yoga Dance instructor in 2021.  I now lead twice-weekly classes in my home community of Elgin, TX. I love that my class has nicknamed me "Good Mood Sisterhood!" 

When I'm not singing, dancing, or otherwise carrying on, I continue my 34 year dedication to public schools as a retired teacher wearing a new hat: Senior Organization Learning and Development  Specialist for the Texas Association of School Boards, where I do my best to bring smiles and joy to all.

No matter the role I may take on, I will always be a first grade teacher at heart - a joy that carries forward into my practice with Let Your Yoga Dance and Camp Atta Girl!

Learn more about Lisa at

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