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“Cowgirl is an attitude, really.  A pioneer spirit, a special [American] brand of courage. The cowgirl faces life head on, lives by her own lights, and makes no excuses. Cowgirls take stands, they speak up. They defend things they hold dear.”  — Dale Evans

Camp Atta Girl! is a retreat just for women. It's filled with happiness, music, movement, and fun! It's a weekend to take time for yourself, to tap into what lights you up and excites you.

Camp Atta Cowgirl! adds some pioneer spirit... we'll tap into your cowgirl heart, help reach inside and explore what you haven't yet explored.  

Oh... and get a lot of "atta cowgirls!" for just being you!

Rediscover your inner cowgirl.
Lasso your power, moxie, courage,
self-love, joy and happiness

at our camp designed to bring out the cowgirl spirit in you. Join us for a weekend retreat at the Ghost Ranch outside Santa Fe, New Mexico! 


"I feel there is something unexplored about women that only a woman can explore.”  — Georgia O'Keeffe

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Cowgirls are the unsung heroines of the Wild West, and their grit and determination, moxie, verve and good spirits are legendary.  And the great news is that we all have a little of that cowgirl in us.

Giddy up!

Join your like-hearted cowgirl sisters at our weekend adventure into rediscovering YOU and your wild and adventurous cowgirl spirit!

(Atta cowgirl!)

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Cowgirl up!

Cowgirls are tough and capable, but their spirit is also filled with grace. At Camp Atta Cowgirl!, we embrace the entire cowgirl in you. We help you rediscover and celebrate your inner confidence, empowerment, resourcefulness, strength and beauty. 

Join us for this is a campy retreat designed to help you lasso your power, voice, strength, courage, laughter! Show the world what you got!

Camp Atta Cowgirl! is a focus-on-me-and-give-myself-an-atta-girl retreat for women. It's a weekend filled with self-discovery, happiness, music, movement and fun.

This is not your kid's camp. This is designed just for women like you. We won't make you do a ropes course... we WILL give you a fun and safe atmosphere to let your hair down, dance, and just be YOU! 

Our camp is a combination of tools of happiness combined with the music and movement of yoga dance but with the feel of the cowgirl spirit. This combination creates a joy-filled experience that helps lift you while you're there and long after you return home. Yee-haw!

We call it Camp Atta Cowgirl! because it's campy and fun and because we believe that every woman needs an "atta girl!" or an "atta cowgirl!" for all she does each and every day!

We Will Tap into Your Inner Jessie!

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Come with a group or come with your friend, sister, mom, daughter... or come on your own (many do!) and meet others stepping out on their own little adventure, too!

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Take time for yourself while you play and learn with like-hearted women at this adventure camp for your cowgirl spirit! Put yourself at the top of your to-do list. Here's just SOME of what's in store:

  • Spend a weekend just focusing on your happiness and having fun with other women just like you!

  • Reignite the passion and the joy inside!

  • Discover proven and researched tools to create your best self!

  • Discover your inner cowgirl strengths and how using your top ones can make you happier!

  • Tackle what’s keeping you stuck in your life, in your job, in your pursuit of your dreams!

  • Travel through your chakras, your energy centers, via visualization, meditation, dance and movement — tapping into your power, your voice and more!

  • Get tools to help you cowgirl up and face whatever comes your way with grace and “grit,” including creating your own "Grit" map, and using your inner cowgirl determination to bring your dreams to reality.

  • Experience meaningful connection with like-minded women!

  • Find the best trail to your wild, playful, happier self!

  • Play big and stand in your light!

  • Enjoy a safe place for you to be real and connect with something bigger in your life!

  • Realize once and for all how great you are and that it's never too late, you're never too old, you're never too "anything" to lead the life you were born to lead!

  • Give yourself a BIG ATTA COWGIRL! for all you do!

  • So much more!

Perfect Location!

At the beautiful Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico,

a short drive from Santa Fe!

Ghost Ranch is a place of magnificent natural beauty. It is comprised of deep, multicolored canyons and cliffs, plains, grasslands and streams. This is a destination and experience. People come from all over the world here to enjoy a welcoming, beautiful and sacred space. It's a place to disconnect from the everyday grind and explore what nourishes your heart and soul. It is outdoor beauty with a sense of adventure.

Close to Santa Fe, Camp Atta Cowgirl! is the perfect place to discover your inner cowgirl. You can even make it a longer weekend journey and spend a couple of days in Santa Fe or Taos... on your own or share with your fellow cowgirl besties. Give yourself the gift of an experience that will last a lifetime.

"I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life — and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.”  — Georgia O'Keeffe

Take the leap and join other

like-hearted cowgirls at the same location that inspired artist Georgia O'Keeffe.

Ghost Ranch is where Georgia O'Keeffe lived as she journeyed into the red hills and colorful cliffs to paint.

One of the most significant and revolutionary artists, Georgia O’Keeffe rose to prominence for her stylized renditions of New Mexico landscapes and imposing paintings of flowers in bloom. Along with tapping into the cowgirl spirit, we'll focus on the beauty and southwestern spirit of Georgia O’Keeffe, that same spirit that is in each and every woman.


In the words of Georgia, “You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare.”


Camp Atta Cowgirl! will help you declare what you want in life!

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What Some Past Campers Have Said About our Overnight Camps/Retreats...

“I learned so much about me. Just amazing! I am filled with Gratitude.” —  Hildy S.

"This weekend was life changing for me!. I can’t get over the gratitude I feel for the weekend I just had! The Camp Atta Girl retreat was so much more than I expected! 90 caring, powerful, beautiful women coming together to lift each other up, dance, be silly, cry, just let it all out! So wonderful!" — Gena R.

"It was extraordinary! Fun, intense, and really shifted things for me - what an honor to spend the weekend with this group of amazing women!! ” — Margery L.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled that I happened upon Camp Atta Girl. Thank you for this amazing experience.” — Kate S.

“I have learned so much...this weekend has given me opportunities that I didn't know were available. I have met so many wonderful women. I am forever grateful.” —Michelle B. 

"Ninety AMAZING women in Great Barrington together for a weekend of dancing, singing, laughing, and learning about who they are.  This was one of the very best weekends of my life"  — Michelle O.

“I am still flying high .. to be able to just BE ME for a couple of days and uplifted the entire time and being in a sacred space with like-minded women was what I needed and what this world needs ." — Debbie G.

“Thank you for this wonderful weekend! It was such a beautiful opportunity to connect with like-minded women. The perfect blend of love, joy, happiness, and support! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! " — Patricia S.

“I feel blessed to have been among such an amazing tribe of women! The spirit, strength, compassion, vulnerability, acceptance and positivity was exactly what I needed..” — Tammie L.

“This weekend will stay in my heart and soul forever. — Tori W.

“You changed the lives of so many women this weekend!! Women were able to open up, feel SAFE, joy, love and hope!!  Thank you for all your love!!" — Marianne P.

“Thank you!!!!!!!!! You saved my whole life!" — Dana.

“The best weekend of my life.” —Marie M.

“Our weekend Retreat was AMAZING!  It all just came to me right how, and I had to share it with you how this has reignited me…I just completely accepted that I no longer fear Happiness and Bliss. I’m so looking forward to choosing a Crown 🤴. Much Love!"  — Donna S.

Read more testimonials here!

What's a Day at Camp Atta Cowgirl! Like?

To give you a sense of how the retreat unfolds, Friday afternoon the cowgirl magic begins as we meet each other, connect, start to share our stories and share some tools to help you find your happiness and tap into your inner cowgirl passion. Saturday, we jump right back into rediscovering your cowgirl spirit, as throughout the day, we dance, laugh and play with our goals, strengths and dreams and give you some atta girls! for all you do! We'll also give you free time for enjoying nature, trail riding, and more.

Saturday evening is our campfire happy hour and cowgirl dance party! We'll gather for joy, music, laughs and fun. Then we send you off for a night of dreaming and reflection.

Sunday morning, we continue our goals, music and laughter… we put it all together and send you off on happier trails with a game plan for living the life of joy, fun, and adventure that you want. You're ready to take on the world as the woman you were meant to be and to live your life with fun, purpose and joy — with new friends who have your back along your journey.​ 

The entire weekend is designed just for you!

  • The days will be fun and experiential

  • We'll show ways to tap into and use your inner strengths

  • You'll discover how to find your purpose 

  • We'll give you easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tools and practices to help you thrive 

  • We'll connect those tools with music and movement

  • You'll tap into your energy centers, your chakras through yoga dance

  • You'll rediscover that kid at heart and reignite that free-spirit you have inside!

Camp Atta Cowgirl!

will help you rediscover your inner cowgirl... rediscover you.

That amazing woman is still inside you... let's go find her!

(atta cowgirl!)

Have a specific Question? Reach out here.

Music and Movement!

A big part of Camp Atta Cowgirl! is music and movement and dancing! It's what makes our retreat unique over others. We combine music and movement with the science of happiness and the tools of positive psychology to bring on total joy and life-changing practices.


 The music and dancing is Let Your Yoga Dance, a joyful practice that allows you to explore playful expressive movements that lift the spirit, raise self-awareness, and invoke joy. It combines yoga, the breath, and user-friendly movement with fabulous and fun music from around the world. You can find out more about this beautiful practice here: What Is Let Your Yoga Dance?

If you've never done yoga in your life, you can easily do our yoga dance! It's for every one and any body!

Some people might get a little uncomfortable with music and movement. For some, the thought of doing anything with strangers can be terrifying, let alone move and dance. But we make our camps fun and safe places. There’s no judgment, no need to be like anyone else. You can do as little or as much of the movement as you'd like. And you can even do it from a chair! 

If you're uncomfortable with music and movement, DON'T LET THIS KEEP you from joining Camp! Step out only as far as you want! The entire focus on Camp Atta Cowgirl! is for you to be who you are. YOU DO YOU!  Atta cowgirl!

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Registration Details!

Camp Atta Cowgirl! will be held at the beautiful and rustic Ghost Ranch, located in Abiquiu, New Mexico.

This isn't just a retreat, it's an experience.

Check out more regarding Ghost Ranch here

Register TODAY to reserve your space as space is limited!

Cowgirl Camp pricing is all-inclusive and covers meals, 2 nights of lodging and 3 days of Camp Atta Cowgirl! activities and empowerment – everything you need to have a joyful and fun camp experience!

Early Registration starts at $818 and includes:

  • Camp Atta Cowgirl! and all the fun and empowerment!

  • Expert-driven programming

  • Overnight accommodations

  • Meals 

  • Official Camp Atta Cowgirl! Handbook 

  • Tools you can use long after the camp

  • Camp Atta Cowgirl T-Shirt

  • Incredible friendships

  • The opportunity to cowgirl up your life!

  • And so much s’more!

Remember... this is a campy and fun retreat. You are actually going to cowgirl camp for 3-days! But a little nicer than typical camps. 

There are three type of accommodations available:

  • Dorms 

    • These are two women per room, with community bathroom

    • $818 per person

  • Shared Bath - Semi-Private

    • These are two women per room, with shared bathroom with 2 other women.

    • Limited availability

    • $1018 per person

  • Private Bath

    • These are two women per room with private bath

    • Very limited in availability

    • $1,218 per person

When registering, you may pay in two payments. Make a deposit to reserve space and pay the remaining later.


All accommodations are perfect for each and every woman. To learn a little more about the accommodations, click on the button below:



shared bath room.PNG
private bath room.PNG

If you are coming on your own to have your own adventure, we will assign you a roommate. If you are coming with a friend, daughter, mom, or sister, simply write her name on the registration form when registering and we'll make sure you are in the same room. 

Have a specific Question? Reach out here.

Want your organization to invest in you? Share this

fact sheet with them on why this is also great for organizations and why sending you will reap a return on their investment 10-fold!

We will provide a camp packing list a few weeks before the camp, but it will be a simple one, as we provide almost everything you'll need.  

Registration does not include airfare or travel to the Campsite. Travel information can be found here.

Camp Atta Cowgirl! is for women 18-years and older.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel before February 1, 2023, a full refund will be issued. Between February 1, 2023 and March 8, 2023 a 50% refund will be issued. Because this is a residential workshop, no refunds can be issued for cancellations after March 8, 2023. However, you may “re-gift” it to another woman as long as you notify us. We are financially responsible for the retreat, so we ask you kindly to respect we cannot make any exceptions to this policy. 

Because of the residential nature of the camp, we recommend campers be vaccinated for COVID.

Other Notes: You will be required to sign a general permission and release form when you arrive at the camp. If you'd like to see that ahead of time, please reach out to us.

Please, no pets allowed.

Make your Camp Atta Cowgirl! experience a true destination trip!

Learn more about Ghost Ranch and also information on directions and travel here!

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A note from

Lisa Sullivan, founder of Camp Atta Girl!

"Whether this is your first time at Camp Atta Girl or you are an experienced camper, I hope you'll consider joining us at Camp Atta Cowgirl! Each of our retreats is a little different, and this one is no exception. Not only will you experience the joy and inspiration of Camp Atta Girl!, Camp Atta Cowgirl! has a sprinkle of the southwest mixed with the beauty of vistas and landscapes that will speak to your soul and touch your playful heart.


Take time just for you and escape the crazy world for a few days to recharge and renew. Tap into that fun, spirited part of you that has been missing for awhile. Or maybe you've always wanted to do something unique with your best friend, daughter or mother? Then this is the perfect weekend getaway. Fly into Albuquerque, take a short drive to Ghost Ranch and join us at Camp Atta Cowgirl! and then spend a day or two in Santa Fe on your return.


My goal with Camp Atta Cowgirl! is to make it a true destination retreat... not only for you as a person but also a destination for your spirit. Yippee yi yo ki-yay!  

(Learn more about Lisa here.)

Questions? Email Atta Cowgirl!

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